Definición de debido proceso de ley sustantivo

  1. Término jurídico que engloba ciertas garantías mínimas de derecho sustantivo que se le deben a una persona que está en un proceso de perder o ver afectado su derecho a la libertad, vida o propiedad.
  2. Doctrina jurídica que considera que la razonabilidad de una medida que interfiera con la vida, libertad o propiedad de una  persona es  parte del proceder que exige la cláusula de debido proceso de ley.

En la constitución del Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico

  • Art. II, Sec. 7

Se reconoce como derecho fundamental del ser humano el derecho a la vida, a la libertad y al disfrute de la propiedad.

En la jurisprudencia federal estadounidense

  • Lochner v. New York, 198 U.S. 45 (1905)

In every case that comes before this court, therefore, where legislation of this character is concerned, and where the protection of the Federal Constitution is sought, the question necessarily arises: Is this a fair, reasonable, and appropriate exercise of the police power of the state, or is it an unreasonable, unnecessary, and arbitrary interference with the right of the individual to his personal liberty,

  • United States v. Carolene Products Company, 304 U.S. 144 (1938)

There may be narrower scope for operation of the presumption of constitutionality when legislation appears on its face to be within a specific prohibition of the Constitution, such as those of the first ten amendments, which are deemed equally specific when held to be embraced within the Fourteenth…

It is unnecessary to consider now whether legislation which restricts those political processes which can ordinarily be expected to bring about repeal of undesirable legislation, is to be subjected to more exacting judicial scrutiny under the general prohibitions of the Fourteenth Amendment than are most other types of legislation.

Nor need we inquire whether similar considerations enter into the review of statutes directed at particular religious … or national … or racial minorities …: whether prejudice against discrete and insular minorities may be a special condition, which tends seriously to curtail the operation of those political processes ordinarily to be relied upon to protect minorities, and which may call for a correspondingly more searching judicial inquiry.

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